Friday, July 31, 2009

Stella Marie Soaps - Crimson and Clover

I had the opportunity to buy this soap from Stella Marie Soap Company a while back, but didn't get the chance to use it since my soap dish was mighty full. This soap, like many others has been sitting in front of my work computer, where I have been sniffing it incessantly. A true homage to Joan Jett and the Blackhearts, this soap is a sweet, clove scent. The design and concept is just plain wonderful, right down to the crimson color and the cute black heart. Crimson, clove, blackheart- It couldn't have been done better.
The soap is a no-frills bar made with Olive oil & coconut oil. It's creamy bubbles left my skin soft and silky.
I went to check out the site again, and I see the design has changed somewhat... boo :(. But Kim's new design is just as rock n' roll as the first one and still has the original essence as the first one *yay*. Check it out here.

Now every time I shower, I can't help humming "Da, da, da,da, da... Crimson and Clover... over and over... "