Monday, November 4, 2013

Fall Foods - Fall Soaps

For me, today marks the FIRST official day of Fall, since it hit about 30 degrees here in NJ/NYC.  Waking up to that crisp cool-blast of chill, reminds me of everything to look forward to: Turkey, eggnog, pumpkin pies (or any pie, really), cookies and finishing off the year with copious amounts of champagne.

Okay, I'm getting ahead of myself. I'll just leave you with a set of delicious-looking Fall soaps. Warning: these soaps look good enough to eat.

Eggnog Soap from SweetbathConfections Etsy Store

Pumpkin Soap from SunbasilgardenSoap's etsy store

LOVE the gradient!!! - Turkey Soap from thecharmingfrog's Etsy Store

SO CUTE---- Ginger Snap Soap from DailyRepose's Etsy store
Vanilla Champagne Soap from HookedSoap's Etsy Store

Sunday, November 3, 2013

Soap Experiment: Part Two

I present to you, my soapy experiment from yesterday!


These came out FANTASTIC. I love how the design has depth to it, and the gold shimmers throughout. They smell like a gentle lavender breeze and you'll be able to find them in my etsy shop:

Saturday, November 2, 2013

Soap Experiment: Part One

I woke up this morning feeling like an "artiste", and very much inspired to try something new with my soaps. 

Of course, I started out nicely, skillfully flinging soap as if I were conducting a soapy symphony (that bottom layer looks nice, right?).

Unfortunately, I became overwhelmed with emotion and finished with an impatient soapy crescendo.

This may turn out to be amazing or a HUGE disaster.

Stay tuned...