Thursday, September 9, 2010

Seeing Orange

 One of my favorite colors of the season, orange is a wonderfully striking color that calls attention. While not demanding as red, orange can convey the feeling of warmth, and in lighter hues, comfort.  

Originally a "fruit of the gods", orange was exclusively for aristocrats and the wealthy, as seen in the symbolic references in Renaissance paintings.   In the Tibetan culture, coral (which is a hue of orange) symbolizes success in life, while in China it is a symbol of longevity.  Eventually, the popularity of the color plummeted amongst the elite since the color was used in logos for fast food restaurants (Burger King or Mc Donald's anyone?).

Still, to me, this color is a wonderful reminder of the season turning. Seeing orange, instantly prompts my mind to brace myself for the crisp cool air of the season. The wafting of spices and sweets in the air and one of my favorite holidays, for which I never dress up for, Halloween!

Here are some orange (and Halloween) inspired soapy presentations.