Thursday, March 25, 2010

Spring for Spring!

Easter is such a colorful holiday! I'm not religious, but I really do enjoy seeing our visual palette change from the drab darks of Winter to the pastel and vibrant colors of Spring. This time of the year makes me feel absolutely whimsical and giddy. It's like a trip back to childhood!

To celebrate the season, here's a bit of visual catnip:

Bunny Corn Cupcake Soap from Serah's

I've always been an admirer of Serah's soaps. Made from Shea Butter and glycerin, these well-crafted soaps are just absolutely adorable (and delicious)! They come in all sorts of thoughtful themes and make perfect basket or goodie bag stuffers. My favorites are the "It's a Boy/ It's a Girl" soaps, which would make a sweet gift for expecting parents! Check out this and all of here other soaps here.

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