Monday, March 29, 2010

Bomb Alarm Clock?

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Imagine waking up to a ticking time bomb? Well, that's exactly what this "Danger Bomb Alarm Clock" does.  As if mornings weren't hard enough, this alarm clock starts its count down, a minute from the assigned wake-up time (yippie).  To diffuse it, you have to (groggily) unplug the right color wire that's indicated by the flashing LED light.  Talk about a nice dose of stress right before you start your day!

While this is seems like a great novelty gift, I could never use it.  Somehow I could see myself hurling this against the wall, but for those who have trouble waking up, or are craving some good ole MacGyver adventure, it's perfect way to start the day.  Makes a great "evil" gift! Get it at