Saturday, October 4, 2008

Project Gone Bad - Contest

So, last night, I decided to embark on this tedious, labor-intensive project. Unfortunately, it was not a great success, finding out that it's very hard to cut curves with an exacto knife using a paper template. The squares (upper left) were my idea. As you can see, not good, but they do have a lovely lemony scent to them (used Organic Lemon Oil). I think next time I'll use a cookie cutter!

Since they pretty darn ugly, but usable, I'm going to freebie them away in a contest.
Under this post, write about your favorite bath and body product. I'm looking for details, scents, memories, experiences. There will be two winners receieving two soaps each.

Sorry, can't reserve soaps, the designs will be chosen at random and will be mailed to the winners.

To enter, simply create a user name and password on and enter the URL for soapy endeavours:

Contest ends 10/31/08. Winners will be contacted via email (so don't forget those email addys) and the names will be posted at a later date.

Forgot to mention. For those who post, please include your email address, or email your blogger username to , so I know who's who.

Thanks for reading. Good luck!