Monday, September 1, 2008

Sunday Night Adventures

God, I'm sooo boring! But here they are, my newest experiments:

Extra Strength Peppermint Soap

Requested by three of my male co-workers, who attest to the peppermint tingly feeling, I decided to give this a shot. Smells pretty minty, so I suspect that it will keep its prized tingly effect. Will have co-workers test (since I have waaay too many soap scraps lying around my kitchen. I have a batch of handmade (below)peppermint soap curing, but I think a lot of the tingly and cool pepperminty feel, got lost in the saponification process. At least it smells like peppermint!

Practice Moon Soaps - Scented w V-Butter cream

I say practice, because I purposely made these incorrectly, couldn't wait for my clear base to come in. Now I see why. The moon detail doesn't stand out at all.

Practice Moon Soap with remelted Handmade V-Butter cream and Melt/Pour Peppermint.

I wanted to see what would happen if I melted the brown vbuttercream in the microwave (like I do w my regular melt/pour stuff). Needless to say I ended up with a burnt mess... (Hmmmm, I guess that's why rebatching actually calls for liquids!) I ended up remelting a new bar in a zip lock bag and dumped it in boiling water. Took forever, and the consistency was not smooth at all (more like lumpy mashed taters!) Anyway, since I had already poured in the moon, I just added this to it and poured some more white peppermint on top, which you can see on the right side and on the back (not picture). The result: An ugly, but peppermint patty smelling, thin moon soap patty.

Vanilla Butter Cream Chunk

Ok, so this is half a bar of my first batch of handmade soap (just cured about a week ago). Lovely lather, great scent. Anything Vanilla, however, greatly discolors the soap (still waiting what the m/p's to see if the change will occur). I wanted to leave this the beautiful beige color that it first started out to be, but when it hits oxygen, it turns into this chocolately brown color. Fortunately for me, they do make a vanilla color stabilizer, so I won't have problems in the future.

Ta ta, for now!