Saturday, September 27, 2008

A Saturday Night

My boyfriend got me a wooden 5lb mold for our anniversary, yay!

I have yet to use it, want to get my kitchen cleaned up first, before I set it out.

Also, found the miracle cure for my soap finishes! When I unmolded my soaps, I was leaving oiling fingerprints on the finish. A little bit of arrowroot powder and viola! No more prints. Also, I'm able to slide the soaps into my cello bags without leaving "skid marks".

And to close off the evening, I'll leave you with another product review.
As you all must suspect, I am a Lush product junkie. My newest purchase is a solid perfume called Silky Underwear. Delicious scent, a combination of jasmine (I looooove jasmine) and cocoa butter. One disappointment is that the scent isn't long lasting, but it definitely keeps you reaching into that little tin for more. .35oz tin is $12.35