Thursday, December 10, 2009

Bathe with Your Favorite Holiday Beverage?

We've all encounter sweet, smelling soaps that smell exactly like our favorite foods. Very rarely do we come across something that smells like a beverage (except for Brambleberry's Champagne fragrance oil. Talk about sniffing something that ACTUALLY smells fizzy).

In celebration of this holiday season (for me it starts on December 1st), I went on the hunt for holiday-esque soaps. Upon my search, I came across two soaps that fit the bill, Eggnog and Absinthe. While Absinthe isn't exactly a traditional holiday drink, I couldn't resists the whimsical green coloring (and who says you CAN'T drink it at Christmas time?) These soaps come in delightful little tins that you can use long after your soap has gone down the drain. Pictures were taken from