Thursday, November 5, 2009


I have to start off by apologizing to all of my readers for my long absence. It has been a very busy two months and I'm not sure where to really start off.

Firstly, my cat and companion of 14 years, Gato, got really sick. After a long surgery, they removed a cyst the size of a baseball from his belly.

After the whole cat fiasco, I finally got to go on my long-awaited trip to Puerto Rico. Which was warm, relaxing and lovely.

THEN, as soon as we come back, my live-in boyfriend gets laid off! So, like most people now-a--days we are struggling with the finances. If things couldn't get worse, my cat became sick again. After another vet visit (grand total to date on cat: $3,200.00), the vet's exact words were "I don't want to use the word terminal, but..." Yup, I was a weepy mess. My heart and my piggy bank were broken.

And lastly, last week (Oct 29th) was my birthday and people are still taking me out for birthday dinners!!

So, after all of this, I am back and ready to roll.