Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Visual Catnip: Fresh Cut Soaps

These soaps from Fresh Cut Soaps are bright, glittery soaps and absolutely wonderful. One of my favorites is Hippie, for its contrast in colors and deep, crisp swirls.

Rainbow Rockstar is a sweet, cotton candy-like soap that's a visual, rainbow delight. Very psychedelic! It's a combo swirl of what looks like 6 different colors (yes I counted) Not an easy feat with cold process soap.  I love how they keep the texture of the swirls.

Herbal-  A beautifully, rustic-looking soap. The beauty in it, is it's simplicity (a great reminder sometimes in this fast-paced city).  Herbal reminds me of Provence and the French Countryside. Very shabby-chic!

Bewitching- because I had to include an awesome pink one. I love the glittery top.

All of Fresh Cut's soaps are truly wonderful and they really have a large variety of cold-processed soaps.  Check them out here.