Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Knitters Hand Balm from Amber's Ambry

Amber's Ambry Knitting Balm from her Etsy store

I was really excited to receive my purchase from Amber's Ambry and teared open the box as soon as I came in contact with it. I live five flights up and by the 3rd flight, and I was already opening up her Knitter's Hand Balm and applying it to my hands.
Firstly, I LOVE the scent. "Baking Day" is wonderfully comforting and smells similar to a sweet cake batter, mixed with cocoa butter. It's sweet, but not sickenly sweet like commercial bath and body products tend to be. As a pastry-addict, I found this scent to be close to the real thing. The balm slides smoothly on your your hands and don't leave them oily or tacky. It comes in a little cute tin, which is great for storing small precious objects. The product travels well as it fits in my small handbag. Even in the summer heat, the product manages to keep it's initial balm-ey consistency.

Not a fan of cake products? No problem, Amber's Ambry has a variety of scents including Blueberry, Orange Ginger Mint, and even Unscented! She makes soap too. I had the opportunity to purchase some as well...my soap shelf is FILLED with soaps to be reviewed. Be sure to keep an eye out for a review at a later date.

You can grab your own little tin and other wares at her etsy store: