Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Let's Keep NY Moving

Last year, the MTA raised the prices of the Metro and this year they are doing it again, by a lot! Effective on March 25th, the monthly passes, which are now $81 for 28 days are going up to $103!!!  That's over a 25% increase!  With rents in NY being so high, and salaries no longer going up--- the MTA is becoming a little more than criminal, but with good reason.  The state is not giving sufficient funds for NYS transit needs.  The increase doesn't stop there, bridges and tunnel tolls are going up, also this plan calls for major cuts in service, so essentially we will be paying more for less.

This affects New Yorkers as well as anyone who commutes into the city.

Taking a several quotes from ESTA "Transit isn't a luxury.  It's a necessity."

"There is a way to stop this, by investing in Transportation, NY State can keep fares affordable, improve service and create jobs.  Every dollar invested adds four dollars to our local economy.  Go to and they'll help you send a message to Governor Paterson and your state legislators demanding more reliable funding for New York's growing transit needs."

ACT NOW.  Contact your state legislators.